Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pallet Wood/Recycled Mirror

 We're always collecting stuff...because you never know when something can be used as something (right).

Especially if it's something made of glass/wood/metal, or other enduring materials.

Here is the journey of how our new pallet wood mirror came to be!

This is what the mirror was originally part of. One of those modern looking wardrobe folding mirrors that sits in your closet or bedroom.                    

They look really nice in the right space, but in our bedroom there just wasn't a place for it. Plus we have a full length closet mirror (that we'd like to change too). 

As we were moving it to another room in the house a lightbulb blinked on, and we decided "Pallet Mirror"!

(Not only that, the folding frame will be repurposed as well (in our office)...soon.)

Getting it screwed together....
Ready to hang....


{Really need a better camera, this just isn't cutting it!}

But, you get the idea, a nice rustic quality (and would look great in an industrial setting too...farmhouse...cottage)


Anonymous said...

what a great project! so resourceful!!!

Dominque Golightly said...

So you laid the longer pieces on top of the mirror after having it rested two of the smaller pieces then screwed two more of the smaller pieces to enclose it?

Dominque Golightly said...

i love how it turned out, by the way. I am inquiring because I want to copycat!

Sam Hurd said...

You could do it that way, just be careful with tightening too much because the glass will break. Ours has a rabbet in which the mirror rests. Fyi, a rabbet is a recess cut in the wood with a router and rabbet bit.

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